Nutricia Ukraine production is a result of many years of research by the company in the field of early life nutrition.

Nutricia company in the World

The company conducts unique breastmilk research at its three research centres in the Netherlands, France and Singapore and provides high levels of food safety.

Investigating peculiarities of infant microflora and immune system. Over 400 scientists around the world are working on it: nutritionists, dieting experts, allergists, paediatricians, neonatologists, who constantly improve Nutricia infant and baby food products.

Unique Pronutra+ complex. This complex includes prebiotics, vitamins and trace elements, as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids. Pronutra+ ensures healthy development and strengthens immune system to protect against bacteria and viruses.

Nutricia produces safe and high-quality baby food products at 23 factories around the world. In Ukraine, the company's products are shipped from six European factories. The products arrive in Kyiv, and then they are transported all over Ukraine. Quality control is carried out at all the stages of transportation.


  • Nutricia Zaklady Produkcyjne Sp.z.o.o
    Opole, Poland
    Cuijk, the Netherlands
  • MILUPA GmbH Werk Fulda
    Fulda, Germany
    Steenwoord, France
  • Bledina Rue Remy
    Villefranche-sur-Seine, France
  • Quality Food Group S.P.A
    Martinique, Italy