Nutrilon® — is one of the leaders on the baby food market in Ukraine and other countries.

To provide the best for babies, we look up to the nutrition that was naturally intended for them –— breast milk. That is why we have been actively researching it for more than 40 years in our research centers in Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, and we are constantly improving the formulas of infant milk.

Innovative base IMF with postbiotics
  • Prebiotics GOS/FOS

    Help strength immune system to fight viruses and bacteria

  • Omega-3/Omega-6

    Polyunsaturated long-chain fatty acids promote development of a brain and sight

  • Postbiotic 3`GL

    The unique combination of pre- and postbiotics supports easy digestion

  • Complex of vitamins and minerals

    Helps facilitate healthy growth and development


We try helping you organize breastfeeding properly, because we are sure that breastfeeding is the best for your baby and has many benefits. It is important to follow a healthy and balanced diet while preparing for and during breastfeeding. If you decide to stop breastfeeding or choose mixed-feeding, it may reduce your milk supply, and it might be difficult to return to breastfeeding afterwards. Before introducing formula into your baby's diet, we also advise you to consider social and financial consequences of such a decision. To ensure your baby's healthy development, always follow the manufacturer's instructions on the package while preparing, using, and storing baby food.

To choose the best food for your child, we always advise you to consult your doctor or other professional pediatricians.

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