Clinical nutrition products are manufactured by our company Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition, which is part of the global Danone Group of Companies.

Nutricia focuses on the manufacture of contemporary food products for special medical purposes for all age groups depending on the field of their therapeutic application (for example, special dietary products for patients suffering from phenylketonuria, which are taken from birth and for a lifetime). Also, as a major company

focusing largely on the manufacture of dietary products in Europe, we devote all our time and energy to developing and delivering new nutritional solutions to meet both existing and emerging nutritional therapy needs.

We specialize in the supply of food products for special medical purposes for nutritional therapy of persons with special medical needs, such as:

  • diseases related to malnutrition (for example, cancer, stroke)
  • epilepsy
  • growth retardation
  • congenital metabolic disorder
  • cystic fibrosis
  • epidermolysis bullosa

We support patients throughout the entire course of illness and health disorders, irrespective of the condition severity, and help patients to recover or improve the quality of their lives through special dietary nutrition.

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