04 March

The company's primary goal now is the safety of all employees, as well as their families in Ukraine. For that purpose company has organized a coordination center that helps employees and their families find safe shalter both in Ukraine and abroad. "We express our inexpressible gratitude to all Danoners, both in Ukraine and across the world, for their solidarity in condemning hostilities and their readiness to provide any assistance to Ukraine and Ukrainians" – said Adrian Valentin Pascu, General Director of Danone in Ukraine.

Another priority of the company during the war is to ensure food security in Ukraine. From the first days of the war, company has been relentlessly providing all possible food aid to the population to prevent a humanitarian crisis. Assistance is directed to local humanitarian centers, hospitals, orphanages and boarding schools. The company pays special attention to the most vulnerable segments of the population - patients, newborns and young children. To help them in this tough conditions Nutricia medical depoartment stayed in close contact with health care institutions & donnated 8000 pcs of baby food and specialized nutrition to the needs of local communities.

Within its global dialogue, Danone in Ukraine is making every effort to unite and consolidate common position on condemning the war in Ukraine. We already see the unity of the international community in helping Ukrainians and their families. To support humanitarian affords, Head office of the company has donated € 500,000 to the Red Cross to fund food, water, medicine and sheltering for Ukrainians. In order to keep on supporting these activities on the Red Cross platform, special page on the web site of the Red Cross organization was established for further donnations by Danone employees worlwide. We believe that even more important measures will be taken by the company at the global level.

Information reference:

Danone in Ukraine is an independent structural business unit within the Danone Group of Companies in the world and reports directly to its head office in Paris (France). In Ukraine, Danone is represented by such legal entities as Danone Dnipro LLC and Danone Kremez PJSC, Nutricia EFI. The company has about 1,000 employees in Ukraine, who provide operational activities at all stages from import & production to sales of food products. The company's portfolio in Ukraine includes dairy and sour milk products, plant-based products, baby food and specialized clinical nutrition.

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